Tribute Games announced new console ports for Flinthook and Mercenary Kings

Including physical editions for both games.

Tribute Games have announced even more console ports and physical editions for both Flinthook and Mercenary Kings. The latter, which has now gained the name of Mercenary Kings Reloaded Edition, is arriving on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation Vita this February 8th, releasing the Reloaded Edition update for free to existing owners of the game on both Steam and Playstation 4. Lastly, while it has yet to receive an official release date, Flinthook has been confirmed for the Switch, along with a physical edition as well.





Mercenary Kings’ update includes new customizable guns, knifes and a “new massive Steel Soldier” mission, on top of the already huge content from its initial release. As of today, there have not been any announcements regarding a new content update for Flinthook’s release on the Switch.

Here are the official tweets from Limited Run Games regarding PlayStation and Nintendo physical editions, in which the team also clarify that the release date for each is yet to be announced.





Both games have been brought by a group of Ubisoft veterans who, among other titles, have worked on Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game. Fans have also asked about ports for Ninja Senki and Curses ‘N Chaos, but at the moment, Tribute Games haven’t announced anything related to them.



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