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The Palpable Nothingness of the Volga Region in Metro: Exodus

Nothingness is the biggest appeal, and curse, in the game.

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Darkest Dungeon 2 Announced Along With First Teaser

“Send these vermin a message: the rightful owner has returned.”

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How Miitopia Helped Me to Cope with a Major Life Change

Virtually connecting with familiar faces.

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Hollow Knight Silksong Is Not a DLC, But a Brand New Sequel

A new kingdom awaits you.

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Normandy FM Ep. 13 – Familiar Faces

Feelings on Bioware’s Anthem and talks on the Mass Effect universe.

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Third Player Games Ep. 63 – The Division 2 Beta Thoughts and Apex Legends

Is Apex Legends taking over?

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Into The Spine of: ART SQOOL

A retro-wave artsy experience.