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Persona Can’t Do Women Justice Without Fixing its Conservatism

Conservatism around women and LGBTQ+ characters in the Persona series should have long been addressed.

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Apex Legends and the Glory of the Keyboard

Controller or keyboard? The question lies therein, but Liz seems to have found her answer.

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Into The Breach Helped Me Accept Imperfection

Subset Games’ Into The Breach exceeded itself in many ways with a smart and compelling design, but it can also teach real-life lessons.

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Into The Spine of YIIK: A Postmodern RPG

YIIK wants to be the cool guy on the block, but can’t see past itself to notice its many issues.

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The Palpable Nothingness of the Volga Region in Metro: Exodus

Nothingness is the biggest appeal, and curse, in the game.

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How Miitopia Helped Me to Cope with a Major Life Change

Virtually connecting with familiar faces.

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Into The Spine of: ART SQOOL

A retro-wave artsy experience.