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Life is Strange: Finding Hope in The Dark Room

On Life is Strange, depression, and a path to recovery.

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Looking Back on Ten Years of Project Diva

A new Project Diva is coming, and we dived into its popularity overseas throughout the years

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Into The Spine of: Team Sonic Racing

Go fast and drive (far away)

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Interview: Resisting the real Nazis in Through the Darkest of Times

Through The Darkest of Times aims to provide a personal lens on Nazi history.

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The Lost Potential of World War Z

Games and movies didn’t quite get World War Z, but its stories shaped Preston Dozsa’s path.

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Killing Floor: Looking back at how it came to be 15 years later

15 years later, Killing Floor is still worth your time.

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Persona Can’t Do Women Justice Without Fixing its Conservatism

Conservatism around women and LGBTQ+ characters in the Persona series should have long been addressed.