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Moonlighter Balances Its Stress With The Mundane Life of a Shopkeep

What are you buying? What are you selling?

Reigns Game of Thrones Review Into The Spine 1
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Into The Spine of Reigns: Game of Thrones

You’re too late to prevent The Red Wedding, though.

Torbjörn Overwatch Identity Problem 1
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Why Torbjörn’s Rework Sets a Dangerous Precedent For Overwatch

.@Niall_Condon tell us why Torbjörn’s rework sets a dangerous precedent for Overwatch.

Kynseed Combat First Look 2
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Kynseed to Bloom Early Access in November 8th

At last, not that long to go now.

Life is Strange 2 Deals in Caricature 1
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Life is Strange 2 Deals in Caricature to Match America’s Reality

DONTNOD’s latest deals in caricature, and so does our reality.

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56: ABZÛ

A new screenshots gallery, this time from Gerard.