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Spectacle of Career Professionalism Modern Warfare 3
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The Spectacle of Career Professionalism in Modern Warfare 2

On Call of Duty’s specific kind of action spectacle.

Into The Dead Cells Impressions Roundup 1
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Into The Dead Cells

Our impressions about Motion Twin’s ‘roguevania’.

Should Reviewers? 4
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The Question of Game Reviews

Should game reviewers write reviews as if theirs is the only one you’re going to read?

Planet Alpha Review Into The Spine 2
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Into The Spine Of: Planet Alpha

Day and night take our survival instincts to another level.

Dragon Quest 56 38
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56: Dragon Quest XI

A collection of screenshots from all over the land.

Donut County Review Into The Spine 1
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Into The Spine Of: Donut County

It gets that games are goofy and people can be bad.