56: The Division 2

Through a monologue from ‘The Thin Red Line.’

56 is a collection of stories told by 56 screenshots, showcasing captured curations in games.

This time, Wyeth Leslie examines The Division 2 via the lens of the “Have you passed through this night?” monologue of ‘The Thin Red Line.’

This great evil, where’s it come from?

How’d it steal into the world?

What seed, what root did it grow from?

Who’s doing this?

Who’s killing us, robbing us of life and light, mocking us with the sight of what we might’ve known?

Does our ruin benefit the earth, does it help the grass to grow, the sun to shine?

Is this darkness in you, too?

Have you passed through this night?

By Wyeth Leslie

A Creative Writing MFA graduate from Oklahoma State University, Wyeth Leslie (he/him) is a humanist poet and author interested in pop culture, technology, and beautiful mundane lives. He is the author of the sci-fi hued poetry collection, This Machine Keeps the Ghost, from Alien Buddha Press. Other writings have been featured in publications such as Drunk Monkeys, Bridge Eight Press, Film Cred, The Daily Drunk, and Haywire Magazine. He can usually be found staring into the abyss on Twitter @Wyeth_was_here

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