Hello, my name is Diego and I’m the founder of Into The Spine. Hope you are doing well today.

One of the first things I thought about when creating the site was the possibility of building a new place for writers from all over the world. I want people to contribute at their own pace, talk about the stuff they love and find stories about games. Into The Spine is primarily focused on indies, but that doesn’t exclude AA or AAA games.

I’m looking to build a team, an internal community of talented folks that want to shape their skills, exchange ideas and use their unique voices in each piece. Opinions about recent news, experiences that games evoke in players, and features that involve personal aspects of our lives. Don’t ever assume an idea might not “fit” the site. As long as it involves video games, we’ll work something out.

Pitches: Ideas must be between 100 to 300 words long, and please, don’t forget to add a brief introduction about yourself. Also, include some links to your previous work, either from a site or a personal blog.

Volunteers: Sadly, I can’t afford to have monthly contributors at the moment. Into The Spine is always open for people who want to contribute regularly in a volunteer basis. Just like pitches, tell us about what you would like to do. 

There won’t be any hard feelings if either a writer wants to contribute only the minimum or decides to part ways in the future. Don’t worry about it.

Rates: When I started this site, I stated from the very beginning that all contributors will be paid for their work. This will always remain true. But, keep in mind that all payments are coming straight out of my own wallet. I don’t have the budget to get dozens of monthly writers per month, but given the case, I will always help freelancers to get their potential ideas someplace else.

For one-time pitches, the payment is $10. We’re not giving you a word limit, so decide how much that’s worth to you. Interviews are $15, and at the moment I can’t cover reviews, but any codes will be yours to keep. There aren’t any community or staff accounts whatsoever.

Persons of color as well as LGTBQ+ folks are more than encouraged to pitch. As for countries you come from, we receive people from all over the world, as long as PayPal is an eligible option for you in order for us to process payments.

Note: Depending on the amount of pitches, we won’t be able to fullfil every request.

Into The Spine is the place I’ve always wanted to write for when I started freelancing, and now, a potential site to showcase stories about video games. Plurality of voices and all kinds of backgrounds are, and will be, the source of this. I want to present people with a voice, an identity in each piece. Having the freedom to get your wildest ideas published, while building a portfolio and improving your skills at the same time.

Please, forward all pitches and ideas to intothespine@gmail.com. Feel free to contact us on Twitter for any questions.

Let’s make it happen.