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Submissions are closed! Keep an eye on this page from July and onwards. Until then, thanks for your interest!

Hello, my name is Diego and I’m the founder of Into The Spine. Hope you are keeping well and staying safe.

One of the first things I thought about when creating the site was the possibility of building a new place for writers from all over the world. I want contributors to talk about the stuff they love and tell stories about games. Into The Spine is primarily focused on indies, but that doesn’t exclude AA or AAA games if the angle is interesting.

We have established ourselves as a site that hosts diverse voices, along with supporting new folks in different ways both during and after publication. We want to hear opinions about recent news around the industry, experiences that games evoke in players, and features that involve personal aspects of our lives. Don’t ever assume an idea might not “fit” the site. As long as it involves video games, we’ll always consider it. But keep in mind that we’re after atypical, niche angles – there’s already many other sites where you can take your longform reporting or criticism (we currently can’t afford those!). And please, don’t pitch us extremely timely ideas, since our schedule varies month per month and we can’t guarantee an immediate response either.

Pitches: Ideas must be around 100 words long, or two – three paragraphs, and please, don’t forget to add a brief introduction about yourself. Also, include some links to your previous work, either from a site or a personal blog, and don’t pitch us reviews. For any additional details, refer to our freelancing guide.

Rates: When I started this site, I stated from the very beginning that all contributors will be paid for their work. This will always remain true. But, keep in mind that all payments are coming 100% from Patreon, and we currently don’t have a huge budget. Given the case, we will always help freelancers to get their potential ideas someplace else.

Flat rate is $25 at the moment, thanks to our lovely Patreon supporters. We’re not giving you a word limit, so decide how much that’s worth to you. Deadlines are usually within two weeks after accepting a pitch, but can be flexible on a case by case basis. Oh, and always send the draft on a Google Doc, please!

Note: Depending on the number of pitches, we won’t be able to fulfill every request. Response times may range from a couple days, a week, or a few weeks, depending on how many pieces we’re already working on at the moment. We’re a small team, but if anything, don’t be afraid to follow up. Just be mindful of our time, please, as we all work on a volunteer basis!

Persons of color as well as LGTBQ+ folks are more than encouraged to pitch, and both our staff and contributors’ list reflects that. As for countries you come from, we accept people from all over the world, as long as PayPal is an eligible option for you in order for us to process payments.

Into The Spine is the place I’ve always wanted to write for when I started freelancing. Plurality of voices and all kinds of backgrounds are, and will be, the source of this. I want to present people with a voice, an identity in each piece. Having the freedom to get your personal or niche ideas published, while building a portfolio and improving your skills at the same time is key to us, and we’ll make sure to direct you towards the right paths for you to continue working upon that.

Please, forward all pitches and ideas to pitches@intothespine.com and feel free to contact us on Twitter or at contact@intothespine.com for any questions.

Let’s make it happen.