As Gentle as a Cloud

Accepting a feminine side.

Upon completing the famous “Cloud in a dress” section of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, I came to a realization: There is nothing wrong with being strong and feminine.

Something I found particularly charming was how many characters reacted positively to Cloud wearing a dress, compared to what we saw in the original game. Aerith, for example, seems shocked at just how attractive she finds Cloud in a dress. A moment which is surprisingly sweet.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake plays Cloud in a dress completely sincerely, opting for genuine sweetness over jokes at Cloud’s expense. In the place of cruel humor, we get Cloud feeling rather awkward, before slowly accepting himself when he realizes everyone else accepts him already.

Similarly to Cloud, experiencing this scene initially shocked me, before I realized it was exactly what I needed.

I grew up surrounded by men who would likely hit you, or call you a slur if you dared to do anything feminine. It was so refreshing to see a stoic character like Cloud show his feminine side. Cloud’s usual reactions to life are acting emotionless, refusing to talk, and being extremely violent. Seeing everyone, including Cloud himself, accepting his softer side, is beautiful.

Final Fantasy 7Remake’s treatment of Cloud dressed as a woman is deeply refreshing, and it brought a tear to my eye. As someone who was constantly mistreated for “not knowing how to man up,” simply because I liked things that happened to be deemed feminine, seeing Cloud be utterly accepted for every part of himself is reinvigorating. If Cloud can be accepted for everything that he is, surely everyone deserves to be.

By Connor Queen

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