Continue Game

A poem inspired by Ibb & Obb.

The spike balls keep killing us
but it’s more fun when it’s hard

like this jumping off a ledge into oblivion
over and over again until

we laugh how futile we are
repeating our steps expecting

something to change when nothing is
yet everything has

but we’re still here
slouching on the couch with

sweaty palms clawing Joy-Cons
trying to evade the spike balls

on this ledge you help me up
and you dodge

while I run under more moving dangers
that corner me and I wait,

resting, breathing,
until there is space

to make my move
and detonate the safe side

of the one chasing you
which explodes into gems

you’re right here
to collect. We move on.

We reach the dance party,
hum along to the theme song,

flex our stiff fingers, twist
a cookie off the baking sheet.

We’ll have to do it again sometime.

By Cricket Miller

Cricket Miller studied creative writing at Randolph College. They teach environmental education, ukulele, and host an online queer craft club. In their spare time, they make art out of insect exoskeletons. Find them on Twitter @cricketelytra

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