Meaningful Bloom

“Why do flowers bloom, knowing they are destined to wither?”

Content notification on cancer.

Sonic and the Black Knight has been an online punching bag since the day it came out, and at face value it’s hard not to see why. Sonic with a sword is a somewhat ridiculous concept, and nearly everyone who’s played it has encountered glitches and mechanics not working properly in hilarious fashion.

And I needed a few laughs. I needed them badly.

And so on the anniversary of a high school friend succumbing to cancer, I was ready for said laughs to distract me, if only for a little while, about the cruel fact that someone as wonderful as her, who was such a positive force, could be taken away at such a young age.

“Why do flowers bloom, knowing they are destined to wither?”

This line near the beginning of the game clued me into the fact that I may end up getting something out of this game other than the laughs I had anticipated, and I was correct. Instead, Sonic and characters around him mused about what it means for the kingdom of Camelot to come to an end, and whether said ending made everything that had happened within the kingdom meaningless.

But as Sonic himself states after the final boss battle, it’s best to focus on living life to its fullest rather than fearing what happens at the end. And even in the case of a life tragically cut short, maybe it’s best to focus on the wonderful things accomplished in that life.

At least then it all has some meaning.

By Jay Norton

Jay Norton is a queer non-binary writer from the coast of New Jersey. They’re usually playing games, watching movies, or doing something in between. You can find their thoughts on those, politics, and anything else that comes to their mind @Sl0thi0

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