Third Player Games Eps. 67 and 68

The Third Player Games Podcast is hosted by Jeffers, Amy, and Josh. Into The Spine is sharing all episodes from this lovely group, and occasionally, we will be doing some random appearances during the show, often as yet another source or topic for them to discuss.

Nintendo Switch VR & Apex Legend Balance Patch – Third Player Games Podcast (Ep. 67) by Third Player Games: A Video Game Podcast

Welcome to Third Player Games Episode 67! For this week we hit on a variety of games on what we’ve been playing. Everything from one of this month PSN Plus games, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, to retro game Super Mario World! Amy discusses Ape out, which makes that the second week in a row one of us has raved about that game, might want to check it out! We also do our normal song dance about Apex Legends, while Jeffers plays Dragonball Fighterz, Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and finishes indie title Into the Breach!

We also have Nintendo making huge news headlines again this week! No, it’s not direct, but instead, they are announcing a VR for Switch of course. WAIT WHAT?! Also what’s this? Another exit from E3? Surprisingly it’s EA… And to really round things off Amy brings up an indie game with a cheap price tag and even more interesting dynamic, make sure to listen to her description at the end of our video game news for Tick Tock: A Tale For Two.

PC Halo, Co-op Ocarina of Time, & Apex Battle Pass – Third Player Games Podcast (Ep. 68) by Third Player Games: A Video Game Podcast

In episode 68 of Third Player Games Podcast, news and rumors a plenty! A Microsoft app that lets you PC games on your Xbox One! Kind of… PUBG’s Brendan Green moves on from the Battle Royale game changer! Castle Crashers teased for Nintendo Switch, Apex Legends gets a Battle Pass finally and Zelda Ocarina of Time is now Co-Op! To round things off the gang also has the last game of Real Game Fake Game for this season!

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