Normandy FM Eps. 17 and 18

The Normandy FM podcast is run by Eric and Kenneth, and is a retrospective of the Mass Effect series. Normandy FM takes a deep dive into the characters and decisions of this epic BioWare series, so listen in!

Episode 17 – Sons and Daughters feat. Cassidee Moser by Normandy FM

IGN’s Cassidee Moser stops by to talk about two emotionally heavy loyalty missions. Both Samara and Thane have some unfinished business with their children, and one ending is definitely going to be happier than the other. We talk about the questionable implications of Morinth’s predatory ways, how Thane embodies Mass Effect’s tonal shift, and maybe get some hot takes from a cat…again.

Episode 18 – Spooky Scary Protheans by Normandy FM

This week we’re taking a break from dealing with the Normandy crew’s personal problems to deal with issues that are affecting the galaxy at large as we speak. Which basically means we’ve got some critical plot missions to clean up before the Suicide Mission. This week we’re headed to two unsettling destinations: an abandoned(?) Collector’s ship and a derelict Reaper. Nothing bad ever happens from sneaking into an enemy vessel, right?

Enjoy the show!

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