Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe Edition Coming For Free August 28

PS4 version confirmed as well.

Trinket Studios and Adult Swim Games revealed that Battle Chef Brigade is arriving to PS4 in August 28 wrapped around a whole new Deluxe Edition, including additional content such as local multiplayer, items and a new undead necromancer chef. This update will also be available for PC and Switch users for free on the same date.

Ziggy, the necromancer and important character you meet in the story (sorry, spoilers) will become a playable character along with Mina and Thrash, with a key difference: he can summon imps, skeletons and demons to aid him in battle. On the other hand, local multiplayer will have you face to face with a friend, fighting to obtain (or steal) ingredients to make the best dish out of each encounter.

Along with multiplayer Survival and Free Play modes are also joining the menu. The first is more on the arcade side of things: each run ends by dying in the arena, but every win grants you the chance to pick from an assortment of items to continue climbing the leaderboards. Free Play is all about practicing and experimenting with new dishes by freely exploring any biome of the game.

Leveling up your Brigade Rank with Survival runs in the updated Daily Cook-Offs will now reward you with concept art, which will be available on an in-game gallery. A new map called Darkrealm, challenges for Ziggy and accessibility improvements (color-blind options, updated fragile state art, and fast-forwarding through duel introductions) are also on the way.

Lastly, for PS4 users, a theme will be available in the coming week which you can get a glance of here. Make sure to visit the official site for more information, and don’t forget to follow the devs on Twitter.

By Diego Nicolás Argüello

Founder and EIC of Into The Spine. Probably procrastinating on Twitter right now. Talk to him about pinballs, Persona, and The Darkness. @diegoarguello66

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