Boyfriend Dungeon is now on Kickstarter, Fall in Love With The New Trailer

Date your weapons in a hack and slash dating sim.

Kitfox Games unveiled a Kickstarter campaign for Boyfriend Dungeon, an experience part dating sim and part hack & slash RPG where you get to date your blades. The funding, along with helping the devs to finish the game, will cover a weapon: Pocket, the cat, who turns into Brass Knuckles.

If’s not what you’re thinking, the feline companion isn’t interested in romantic love, but spend enough time with them and they’ll become an unstoppable fur force. The game is aimed to ship with 5 Bae Blades, including swords and daggers that you can dance with at the club or take to a romantic walk on the beach. As stated by the devs, Boyfriend Dungeon includes male, female and non-binary romances.

Players are free to date one or several weapons at the same time, and as their love for each blade levels up, they’ll gain combat bonuses and be able to proceed further in their plot lines by increasing their Love Rank. If you’re wondering who would be the best fit for your dungeoning affairs, Kitfox Games has a Wielder Test that can help.

Depending on the amount, campaign backers will be able to get all sorts of goodies, from cups and rose shaped USB drives to your own blade pillow.

At the moment, Boyfriend Dungeon is coming to PC, Mac and Linux sometime in 2019, and while not out of the equation, the devs aren’t “ready to talk about consoles yet”. Make sure to visit the official site for more information, and don’t forget to follow the devs on Twitter.

By Diego Nicolás Argüello

Founder and EIC of Into The Spine. Probably procrastinating on Twitter right now. Talk to him about pinballs, Persona, and The Darkness. @diegoarguello66

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