Third Player Games Episode 30: Steam Sale, Pokémon Go With Friends, and Life is Strange 2

Get your wallets (and friends) ready.

Third Player Games Podcast is hosted by Jeffers, Amy and Josh. Into The Spine is sharing all episodes from this lovely group, and ocassionaly, we will be doing some random appareances during the show, often as yet another source or topic for them to discuss about.

What’s up, everybody? We have a fun episode for you this week with lots of things to be excited about! Summer Games Done Quick is in full swing on Twitch, trading with friends is now available in Pokemon Go, and Life is Strange 2 has a release date! If you haven’t already stocked up on games at the Summer Steam Sale, the gang has a few low priced, high-quality recommendations for you.

Stay tuned to the end of the podcast for a spoilercast of the interactive novel “ESC” by Radical Dreamland. Haven’t played it yet? Check it out here and listen to our conversation later!

Credit for the Third Player Games Theme Song goes to the composer, Nevan Dove.
Listen to more great tracks from this artist on Youtube and Soundcloud!

3:18 – What have we been playing?
18:40 – News
48:28 – “What’s That Video Game?”
58:40 – ESC Spoilercast

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News & Links

ESC by Radical Dreamland

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Summer Games Done Quick

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By Diego Nicolás Argüello

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