Slay The Spire introduces daily modifier packed challenges with Daily Climb

Still in tweaking process, but it’s already promising.

Mega Crit Games, the independent studio behind the roguelike deck based clash Slay The Spire, kicked off March with a new update in their latest patch, 14 weeks after the beginning of Early Access for their game. The update introduces a third game mode called Daily Climb, with an unique challenge per day that includes modifiers and an even wider randomization. Last but not least, the game received a handful of new translations to Brazilian Portuguese, Norwegian, Polish, and Thai.

Stated along many other patch notes in March 1st’s update, Daily Climb presents a new way to experience the game, similar to what most of nowadays roguelikes feature. Daily challenges with modifiers to change the course of the run, set in an unique “seed” that is available for all players throughout that day. Also, the devs said that “this is a work in progress and modifiers will be added and tweaked, randomization will be reduced, and leaderboards will eventually be added as well.”

Slay The Spire has been slowly taking the hearts of thousands of fans on Steam during its first months in Early Access. The game introduces itself as yet another roguelike in the extensive list, but, differentiates from the rest by using a deck-based system along with a turn based combat. Games such as Armello, Forced Showdown and Book of Demons have also been mixing this ideas together with RTS and Hack & Slash mechanics.

The premise is simple: players choose between two unique characters -there are more planned for the future- and everything else will be randomly generated, featuring over 200 fully implemented cards, 50 unique combat encounters, hundreds of items and unlockables.

The developers are constantly reading and hearing feedback from their fans, which causes an impact in the weekly updates. As of today, Slay The Spire has 3,848 Very Positive recent reviews, and over 8,000 Overwhelmingly Positive reviews since the first days in Steam.

Make sure to visit the official site for more information and say hello to the devs on Twitter. Slay The Spire is already available on Steam (Windows, Mac & Linux) for $15,99 USD.

By Diego Nicolás Argüello

Founder and EIC of Into The Spine. Probably procrastinating on Twitter right now. Talk to him about pinballs, Persona, and The Darkness. @diegoarguello66

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