Choosing Happiness

A lesson from Slime Rancher’s Hobson.

Hobson Twillgers was the former owner of the ranch Beatrix LaBeau possesses in Slime Rancher’s Far, Far Range. However, he felt this humble life was missing something and went off in pursuit of it, leaving behind notes scattered along the range as the only reminders of his existence. Each of these strewed remnants of Hobson gave me pieces of his story; trying to collect them all pushed me to desperately scour every inch of the range in hopes of understanding his thoughts, feelings, and journey’s end. I often felt more connected with his story than with Beatrix’s, which made this final note all the more impactful.

“But I didn’t go.”

Hobson encountered the opportunity of a lifetime; all it would take was one step into the Glass Desert’s portal, and he would have discovered things people hadn’t even dreamed of. It seemed like an adventure he couldn’t possibly refuse, one that would mark him as a herald of discovery for ages to come.

However, Hobson chose to walk away. He turned his back on the adventure he once searched tirelessly for, choosing to instead return home to the source of his happiness, Rancher Thora.

Reading this sent me into a whirlwind of emotions — shock, bittersweet joy, and relief. I hadn’t considered that Hobson would choose love. To be honest, I think I forgot that he could.

Realizing this struck something in me: In my life I have only strived for greatness, pushing myself past the point of return many times in hopes of even the slightest payoff. This final note felt like a reminder from an old friend: It’s okay to step aside, throw away the grandeur, and choose my happiness.

By Krista McCay

Hi! I’m Krista, and I’m a queer femme writer working on my bachelor's in English. I love all things cozy, cute, and competitive; when I’m not playing something relaxing, I’m probably holding a Squishmallow, chugging Gatorade, and making callouts in a competitive team game. You can find me on Twitter @WhimsyAlraune

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