Normandy FM Eps. 15 and 16

The Normandy FM podcast is run by Eric and Kenneth, and is a retrospective of the Mass Effect series. Normandy FM takes a deep dive into the characters and decisions of this epic BioWare series, so listen in!

Also, we neglected to post the podcast episodes last week, so please enjoy this double serving of podcast goodness!

Episode 15 – Hard Times (Gonna Make You Wonder Why You Even Try) by Normandy FM

It’s a rough week aboard the Normandy as we go see what’s up with Jacob’s dad and Jack’s past. Jack is divisive between our hosts, but Kenneth and Eric come together to roast the life out of Jacob Taylor and Bioware’s portrayal of him and his loyalty mission. Also, if you hadn’t heard, Bioware has a new game out and Kenneth has beaten it. We round the show out with some talk about the state of Anthem.

Episode 16 – But Her Emails feat. Natalie Flores by Normandy FM

Noted Turian Enthusiast Natalie Flores drops by Normandy FM to talk two of her favorite Mass Effect characters: Miranda and Garrus.

In part 3 of our Loyalty Mission episodes, we talk the political implications of Miranda’s saving her sister, Garrus’ stagnant but meaningful role in Mass Effect 2, and find out Eric’s cat is actually his third eye.

Enjoy the show!

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