Third Player Games Ep. 63 – The Division 2 Beta Thoughts and Apex Legends

Is Apex Legends taking over?

The Third Player Games Podcast is hosted by Jeffers, Amy, and Josh. Into The Spine is sharing all episodes from this lovely group, and occasionally, we will be doing some random appearances during the show, often as yet another source or topic for them to discuss.

Division 2 Beta Thoughts & Apex Legends Taking Over? – Third Player Games (Ep. 63) by Third Player Games: A Video Game Podcast

On the 63rd episode of Third Player Games Podcast, the gang gets a bit lazy! Just kidding. We decided to have you the fans pick what we would talk about during our rotating segment this week and you did not disappoint! A reminder if you ever want to write into the show, join our discord and send us a DM there, on Twitter or on Instagram!

In other news, Activision and Blizzard continue to struggle with huge layoffs looming. Meanwhile, Beat Saber adds another difficulty level and Apex Legends blows up numbers in a week! Don’t worry, TPG has plenty more to talk about in regards to Apex Legends, with what is basically a game review of the hot battle royale! Friends of the podcast indie developer Decoy Games make a big announcement about their game Swimsanity! Beta drops on February 28th, link to it in the show notes, give it a try folks!

Show Notes

Swimsanity Beta

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