Hollow Knight Silksong Is Not a DLC, But a Brand New Sequel

A new kingdom awaits you.

Team Cherry announced Hollow Knight Silksong, a brand new sequel that will let you play as Hornet in a whole different kingdom. Initially thought as a DLC, Silksong is more of what you loved on Hollow Knight for PC and Switch, including severe changes due to the nature of the new protagonist.

Remember the Kickstarter campaign back in 2014? One of the rewards talked about this specific DLC, and while the developers were quiet about it, it was released today on Valentine’s Day that it will include a new kingdom, 150 enemies, legends, secrets, and more.

Here’s the reveal trailer:


All this brand new content is in company with Hornet’s playstyle, who has more movement variety that can lead to more momentum opportunities in combat and exploration. Additionally, a quest log to track tasks from people in the kingdom and the possibility of creating all sorts of tools through crafting are new elements thrown into the mix, and according to Team Cherry, all of this resonates with Hornet being more of a hunter than the first game’s knight.

On their site, Team Cherry also announced that there aren’t more platforms planned at the moment since they want to focus on the development of the game for the time being, and as for those who chose the matching rewards during the Kickstarter, they’ll be receiving Hollow Knight Silksong for free in either PC or Switch.

I am part of the group who really got into Hollow Knight when it released on Switch last year, and while I’m still not completely done with it, I can’t wait to dive into a whole new sequel. They still haven’t mentioned a release date, but that’s fine for me at the moment. As always, make sure to follow the devs on Twitter and visit the official site for more info.

By Diego Nicolás Argüello

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