Gabe Cuzzillo and Devolver Digital announced that Ape Out is going to finally break out and unleash all its jazz and psychedelic violence on Switch and Steam on February 7.

Revealed earlier this year, Ape Out is a strange game that carries a Hotline Miami vibe, but with a minimalist and stylish art direction. The gameplay looks quick, unmerciful, and relentless, and you don’t need a large presentation about the story: you’re a gorilla who just breaks out from their cage, ready to make haste and destroy anyone and anything that crosses their path.

Developed by Gabe Cuzzillo, with Matt Boch in charge of sound design and Bennett Foddy on the atypical art style, the gameplay takes you through different procedurally generated levels, in which you can hit, grab enemies to use as human shields or throw objects, always with a frenetic pace in mind.

Make sure to visit the site for more information, and don’t forget to follow Cuzzillo, Boch, and Foddy on Twitter.


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