Meet Two Point Hospital’s Sandbox: Freeplay Update, Available as a Beta

Also, the Spooky Mode will be available for a couple more days.

SEGA and Two Point Studios revealed the Sandbox: Freeplay Update for Two Point Hospital, letting all of you crazy managers to tweak a variety of options to build challenges or just go nuts and experiment with the game’s mechanics. Also, the Spooky mode is available for a limited time, if you dare.

Debuted during TwitchCon, Two Point Hospital Sandbox: Freeplay allows players to enable all kinds of things, from unlimited cash, unlocking all rooms, spawn hundreds of patients, erase epidemics and much more. Below is a trailer highlighting these and more:

As stated by SEGA, this is the first update in line for a series of updates based on the feedback from the community. One of the recent changes prior to this was the addition of copy-pasting room layouts and being able to customise your staff and patients. You could even create fashion laws for anyone entering your hospital, just an idea.

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Also, if you were craving for some Halloween content in your paramedic affairs, the Spooky Mode is lurking around with pumpkin heads and new creepy music in each hospital. This will only last for a more couple of days, so don’t miss out (or wait until next year, up to you).

Two Point Hospital is available on Steam (Windows, Mac and Linux) for ‎$34.99 USD. Don’t forget to follow the devs on Twitter and visit the site for more information.

By Diego Nicolás Argüello

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