Moonlighter to Open Shop on Switch in November 5th

A dream of adventure and profit.

Digital Sun and 11 bit studios announced that Moonlighter is arriving on Switch on November 5th, bringing all the adventure of dungeoning and running your own shop to Nintendo’s hybrid. Additionally, the devs are still updating the game with free updates, including the Adventure Update, the latest to arrive.

Previously released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, the little Switch was the only one remaining. Moonlighter went through a few delays throughout the year, but it’s finally coming together. The developers stated that it “should run at 60fps“, and it will be less than 2GB to download. Additionally, the game’s version will be up right until 1.7 as a Day One patch, whereas 1.8 and the following ones will arrive “later but soon.

Here’s a cool trailer on what you can expect from the game, along with a backstory of the main character:

Update 1.8 called Adventure includes a number of new features, and it’s already available for PC players. This time, the devs focused on delivering New Game + with an increased difficulty, but also offering a new set of weapons belonging to pirates and amulets that include rings that grant both positive and negative traits/bonuses, both exclusive for NG+. Oh, and you can also use multiple game slots now. If you’re eager to know the full patch notes, you can find those here.

If you’re interested in knowing what the Day One patch will include with Update 1.7, here’s our roundup from when it came out a few months back.

Moonlighter is already available to pre-purchase in both the eShop and SignatureEdition for a shiny physical format. As always, make sure to follow the devs on Twitter and don’t forget to visit the site for more information.

By Diego Nicolás Argüello

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