[E3 2018] Bethesda: DOOM Sequel, Elder Scrolls VI and Fallout Shelter on Switch

Take me home, Elder Scrolls.

In the most Bethesda move, I’ve ever seen. Opening with a monologue and video about their company, how everyone contributes to everything. How everyone within their company big and small role-alike contribute to their company. Then they announced their first game. How do they do that? They have a band come out and ask if everyone is ready to rage. They then proceed to have a weird set about, ready to die etc. After that in walks in Bethesda asking if everyone is ready for Rage 2. Welcome to Bethesda, everyone.

It looks as though Rage 2 is playable at E3. The premise of Rage 2 is that an asteroid has struck Earth wiping out 80% of the population. The main character Walker has lost everything, he’s the only “ranger” surrounded by a world filled with what seems mutants and bandits. The world itself, for being a wasteland is fairly breathtaking. Bethesda showcases what they refer to as a seamless open world with gameplay this looks like pure fun.

Using a grenade to blow up enemies then throw a pickaxe to hit the enemy in the air, another gadget that holds enemies on the ceiling while you pick them off. Everything they showed after the trailer appeared to be actual gameplay, meaning this game looks and plays like a crazy, gun blazing, ass-kicking adventure. Powers, weapons, vehicles, big crazy enemies abound in what looks to be a crazy fun filled time, releases Spring 2019.

For the next announcement, an Elder Scrolls revamp of the visuals of the games with a release on every console, including Switch. Currently free to download on PC and mobile with your progress carrying over to consoles through your Bethesda account.

Elder Scrolls Online is all about Summerset and future installments including but not limited to the new DLC called Wolfhunter, about Werewolves, pretty on the nose, get it?

Following that, there was a cinematic, which had a camera scrolling through a world of fire, death, and the most horrifying creatures/demons around. You got it, Doom Eternal. The sequel to Doom, basically Doom 2, but without the number. Doom Eternal being debuted at Quakecon in August.

This just in everyone at Bethesda loves the word hype and or some way to get the crowd to clap. Which leads to a Quake Champions. For this week only, Quake Champions is open to everyone for free before it officially launches. Can apparently still have it for free after the trial? Fun trailer of the way the game looks followed the awkward speech, play free June 10th-17.

Next announcement is a huge free update to Prey. Story Mode, New Game+ and Survival. Also, a new mode called Mooncrash. “Every run is unique.” Just in case mesmerizing where aliens were hiding was getting old and you wanted to be scared all the time forever. Titan Hunter There is a multiplayer mode where you and some friends can pretend to be other random objects and try to kill you. This game is trying to give you a heart attack folks one way or the other, so watch out.

Machine Games steps up to the plate. Announcing their next title, following 1980’s Wolfenstein Youngblood a co-op experience involving B.J’s twin daughters. You can play single player or co-op.

Bethesda speaks on their next VR projects, Prey Titan Hunter for VR, while also giving you a single player experience. Also a new Wolfenstein VR game, Wolfenstein Cyber pilot, you hack/steal planes from the Nazi’s, both playable at E3.

The main ingredient to Bethesda’s conference, Fallout 76. Game director of Bethesda Studios Todd Howard strolls in like he owns the place and tonight, he does. Todd describes the growth of E3 from the beginning. Apparently, E3 is now an adult in its 20’s that can sort of handle its alcohol. Bethesda makes fun of itself on where else it can put Skyrim. This was gaming comedy at its finest. Key from Key & Peele even made an appearance.

Now for the real reason, Todd is here, to show us Fallout 76 which debuted at Microsoft’s conference. Same cinematic plays, speaking on vault 76, seems you emerge from that from right after the destruction. Another Wasteland that is surprisingly beautiful, trees mountains the works.

New footage, it shows you the main character about to unlock and open vault 76 to go out into the world for the first time. Reclamation day. 25 of you, it looks as though majority if not all have already left the vault. Way to wait for each other huh? Jerks. The vault and robots will clearly miss you, unlike the people you spent 25 years with. It opens up to West Virginia, you’re on a quest that takes you through six distinct areas. The game has new creatures, even pulling from the folklore of West Virginia. The big difference of this game is that each character that came out of the vault is a real person because Fallout 76 is entirely online. You can, however, play this solo if you’d like says Todd. They won’t stop you from being a loner.

Todd says this is a soft-core survival game. Death never means the loss of progression or the loss of your character. You’ll never see a server when you play. Only playing with dozens of other players. Six times the size of Fallout 4, this world is making your own adventure and your own story. To follow this up is a gameplay cinematic. You can kill other vault hunters but you can also work together. There was even a shot of four players playing instruments on a mountainside together. This game looks to be what you’d think a fallout game, with other people. You can play solo in your quests, but the easiest way is to play with other people, easier to build. Which it turns out, you can build wherever you want and move it to wherever you want.

Another tongue in cheek humor-filled video showing off gameplay, with monsters abounding. It also seems there will be nuclear sites that you can actually use? It looks as though you have to obtain a few individual codes in various ways to activate and then launch a nuclear site at say an unfriendly player. B.E.T.A. announcement of Fallout 76 Break-It Early Test Application. Collectors edition announced, a map of the world that glows and I quote “in the fucking dark.” Figures you can put on the map and a Fallout collectible, Power Armor Helmet with a working headlamp and voice modulation, actually wearable as well. The Power Armor Edition. Fallout 76 Releases November 14th 2018.

Fallout Shelter coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. It is still free for the record. A new Elder Scrolls mobile was also announced called Elder Scrolls Blades.

A big surprise to everyone a new IP announcement. Starfield. Looks like Bethesda is going to space. And right after that Elder Scrolls VI was announced, no date, nothing but a camera showing a vast lush land. It was enough to give everyone and myself goosebumps.

In case anyone is wondering, this is why Todd rules this land, he just knocked this conference out of the park.

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