[E3 2018] Xbox: From Software, Kingdom Hearts III and Cyberpunk 2077

50 games and almost 20 world premieres.

Microsoft started the conference with the promise of at least 15 world premiere games, both from first and third party publishers.

They wasted no times as Microsoft came out swinging with Halo Infinite. That was short lived, after a motivational speech from Phil Spencer, Microsoft said they would be debuting 50 games. They got right to work after that. In jumps and soars, a beautiful and recognizable, Ori of the Wisps.

They left no time in between takes. Dubbed a World Premier game, a new game from Activision and From Software. Hard to describe Sekiro Shadows Die Twice it looks and seems to play like a cross between a Bloodborne, Nioh, Dark Souls type game. Set in a Japanese type of setting, with death as a central focus, combined with calculated movements and attacks. A game that looks as gorgeous as it is daunting.

Shortly after this big reveal, we have the announcement of Fallout 4 coming to Xbox Game Pass. Plus a look at Fallout76, which is apparently four times larger than Fallout 4. Set in a large wasteland, it seems your character steps out into the world out of none other than the infamous vault 76.

Another world premiere from Square Enix, again wasting no time. Set in the Life is Strange universe a game that is difficult to put into words. A kid like any other The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, out June 26th for free.

Another exclusive one everyone has been waiting for Crackdown 3 with an entertaining commentary from Terry Crews, but still no release date or regular gameplay.

Nier Automata announced for Xbox with DLC included in the game.

Next up is an arctic wasteland filled with bullets, bad guys, jumping and every action you can think up, in walks Metro Exodus. February 22nd 2019.

Microsoft went big, for the first time ever a Kingdom Hearts game on Xbox. Kingdom Hearts 3 footage shown of cut scenes and gameplay from the worlds of Hercules, Repunzle Toy Story, Frozen and more.

Microsoft doubled down on Sea of Thieves, showcasing stats while also showcasing upcoming details. It seems as though an ancient evil and new land is coming, Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores, July & September

An exclusive world premiere and not a surprising one. None the less the amount of detail in the world to come of Forza Horizon 4. With what looks to be off-road driving/vehicles included. From mountains, to forests and of course all the normal roads in between. This game looks to be set in historic Great Britain, with changing seasons. They also showcased different locations, with different seasons. Biggest reveal though? It’s an open shared world.

Bouncing from buggies on a beach, to sports cars on Summer roads, with a bunch of players passing each other as they drive by, Forza Horizon seems to be going bigger than ever before. Players can also chat with other drivers with a quick chat, basically looks like text message bubbles over cars sitting next to each other (when parked of course). Everything in the environment changes with seasons, the same area in Summer compared to Winter is drastically different. Snow everywhere, frozen lake. Spring brings more change, muddy, sunny watered down areas abound. Of course, Fall is how you’d expect it, of course, changing leaves everywhere with a darker tone. Forza Horizon 4 releases October 2nd and will be included on Xbox Game Pass the day it releases.

Microsoft announce the purchase and start up of multiple studios: The Initiative, based in Santa Monica. They also announced Undead Labs coming to Microsoft umbrella and also acquiring Playground Games. Biggest reveal? Ninja Theory coming to Microsoft, can’t remember who that is? Hellblade. Rounding out their announcement, Compulsion games. How do you beat exclusives? Make your own? No. Buy others out, that’s the Microsoft way.

Gearbox/Compulsion games announce the official release date for what looks like an emotional and creepy rollercoaster of a game: We Happy Few, coming out in August 10.

Console launch exclusive the announcement of War mode for PUBG along with Tales of Vesperia, the definitive addition for Xbox coming this Winter.

World Premier look at The Division 2, surprisingly, appeared first on Xbox conference only a one day before their own conference. Ubisoft game combined with Massive game entertainment starts with a luscious and realistic looking Jungle set in a post apocalyptic world. It seems like only the cover shooting system and the UI are the same, as everything else have changed completely in the sequel. Movements, graphics and even the biomes we’ll traversing seem like a new step for the franchise.

Square Enix comes to play again, with more on the next Shadow of the Tomb Raider, looks as though Laura will have some of the biggest challenges ahead of her yet. It also looks like she’ll be killing a lot of things in stealth like and bow like fashion.

Exclusive time once again for Microsoft rolling in (no pun intended), with a skateboarding called Ession. Righ after, Microsoft kept it up with the exclusives, a game by Pearl Abyss. A mythical looking game, with Kingdoms, magic, deserts and landscapes filled with war, creatures, giants and dragons. Black Desert, Fall 2018.

Another World Premiere showing Xbox keeps it up with the new Devil May Cry 5 game with what looks to be all new characters set in a city or land being overrun by demons. The main protagonist seems to be a willy fella with a strong southern accent (I live in Texas I can say that). 10 years later, Capcom finally unveils what they’ve been working on, with a long gameplay trailer featuring what it seemed to be a new character or a different take in Nero. For those who were skeptical, Dante showed up after the credits.

It looks like Cuphead will be getting what seems to be DLC 2019 with a third playable character. At the same time, Finji co, the publisher behind Night in the Woods, showcased Tunic: an indie take on the Zelda genre featuring a cute fox.

Bandai Namco to start with Anime heroes coming together in a shared world, Naruto, Goku, (pirate guy don’t know it) for fight for Earth’s survival, a 3-D fighter called Jump Force coming in 2019 with what looks to be Frieza and a glimpse of two notable Death Note characters standing atop a building, Light and Ryuk. This game looks to be the ultimate crossover fighter game, ambitious and fun to say the least.

Xbox didn’t want to give us a break, and followed up with Dying Light 2, featured in a post apocalyptic zombie world and still focused on a first person perspective. It seems like this time, our choices will shape the world around us, with a more strong focus in narrative.

Exclusive and a world premier up next with a huge surprise that was Battletoads, returning in 2019 with three player couch co-op.

Just Cause 4, after being revealed on Steam, was finally showcased during the conference featuring Rico once more. and the explosions we grown to love from the franchise. December 4th 2018. Gears Pop coming in 2019, a spin-off from the franchise exclusive for mobile devices: both iOS and Android (Yeah, we weren’t expecting that either) along with Gears Tactics, another spin-off with an unique take on the RTS genre. Gears of War 5 was also announced as their biggest game yet.

To wrap things up for Microsoft was the World Premier trailer of Cyberpunk2077 what looks to be a game set in a world reminiscent of Blade Runner. Filled with the most poverty stricken city but a city of dreams. No gameplay whatsoever, but the aesthetic is unique to everything we have seen so far in terms of cyberpunk universes. No date was announced, but we can rest assured that CD Projekt RED will be more active with their game now that it has been unveiled to the world.

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