The Council Releases Episode Two on May 15th

Continue your story in ‘Hide & Seek’

Big Bad Wolf and Focus Home Interactive announced that Episode Two for The Council is coming out on May 15th for Complete Season and Season Pass owners. It’s called Hide and Seek, and it will have us following the story of Louis de Richet as he investigates the disappearance of her mother, while dealing with newly-arrived Spanish head of state and quickly-forming actions of the island.

The Council had an outstanding debut when it released back in March, introducing itself as an unique take on the narrative genre, mixing RPG elements to create different influences in the player’s decisions. All choices matter, and there’s no coming back from them. As a member of a secret society, you really can’t trust anyone but your senses, but there are different ways of carrying your investigation.

Either you choose diplomacy, running short detective-like investigations or figuring out the weak points for the characters, there will always be a different method and outcome for each player. As for outcomes, these are going to affect the main character both physically and mentally throughout the episodic story. Along with Hide & Seek, there are three more episodes on the horizon, set to be released regularly during 2018.

Episode Two will be available on May 15th for those who own either the Complete Season or the Season pass of The Council. If you’re planning on buying it separately, the global release is on May 17th for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Make sure to visit the official site for more information, and don’t forget to follow Big Bad Wolf and Focus Home Interactive on Twitter.



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