Serious Sam 4: What Can We Tell About The Teaser?

Our predictions a month before E3

Sam Stone is back! It isn’t a surprise after the warm welcome that Serious Sam 3 received. Since their comeback with remakes of the original two installments of the series, Croteam hasn’t stop to deliver awesomeness on their titles one after another. Even with the critically acclaimed Talos Principle that is maybe the most ambitious effort that this Croatian group of developers made, being a change of pace compared to everything else they released through the years.

For what we see in the teaser, age hasn’t slowed Sam one bit. We see him in his classic apparel while driving a motorcycle, a few shots of the countryside pass by. All is in peace and harmony, but luckily for us that doesn’t last long, as a headless kamikaze abruptly approaches our hero. He get his shotgun ready and shoots him which results in the humanoid blowing to pieces, but this is nothing compare for what it seems to come next, as we discover that Sam is driving towards a full horde of enemies. And just as the fun was about to begin, the footage ends showing us the franchise logo and its subtitle: ‘Planet Badass’.

We are certain that they’ve been working on the Serious Engine. The level of detail they showed us is superb, the presence of particles made it look realistic and immersive, like the withered leaves being blown while Sam pass by with his motorcycle, for example. The grass and vegetation in general were one of the things that surprised me the most all that green looks so thick, the flowers are a nice detail that along with the animals running around makes you think that the world keeps spinning around while Sam is waging war against those aliens bastards. All said, let’s hope they maintain this quality in the final product.

Croteam has stated that the game would will not be open world, but it is indeed bigger than in the previous games. This, combined with the fact that we see Sam driving a motorcycle, makes me think that maybe they’ll re-introduce vehicles in this game, a feature that we don’t see since Serious Sam 2, but we’ll have to wait until this year E3 to know more details about Sam’s ventures.

Every time that I see an announcement, teaser or trailer for this kind of shooter games, gets me all hyped up. Serious Sam, Shadow Warrior, Wolfenstein, Doom they all have had its glorious return to the mainstream, so what about Blood? What about Duke Nukem? Will those games ever get its glorious return? I hope so, but only time will tell.

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