Death Road To Canada Delayed on Consoles After Toronto Tragedy

Recruit a pug carrying a minigun.

Update: Ukiyo Publishing released an statement saying that, after the tragic events that took place in Toronto on April 23, the console versions of Death Road To Canada are being delayed until a later date. “We feel it would be deeply inappropriate to launch the game at such a time,” said Paul Hann, Managing Director of Ukiyo Publishing. “We would like to express our deepest condolences to everyone affected by the tragic events in Toronto.”

The pocket zombie apocalypse game, Death Road To Canada, is releasing in PS4, Xbox One and Switch later this year.

In a randomly generated world, players will take control of unique characters who only share the same transport in which they are trying to escape from their inevitable death on the road to Canada. You’ll have the final say on who to recruit, whether it’s safe to stop on that promising empty police station or save some gas and continue onwards.

Death Road To Canada is built with the idea of experimenting with a whole different story for each playthrough, including up to 500 zombies that can attack your party at any time. Also, while characters have their own personalities and gear, there’s also a creator to build your own version of the Shaun of the Dead cast, or perhaps a family member.

The game has been in constant update since its initial release in 2016, with even more content being added by the developers. The last one, on March 27, added a bonus to a big update called FEMUR, upgrading the number of special trading camps even further. Oh, and the initial version added not only a new special character and weapons, but throwable toilets as well.

As stated in the update, the studio are planning an update in May, including: “New special character, a new location type, some new rare trading camps (…) some new weapons and possibly common traders.”

“Then we’re gearing up for the 2nd Anniversary Update in July! We’re hoping to have one or two big new additions to the game ready for the Anniversary. We took a poll recently, and it looks like the two biggest requests were 4 Players in co-op and new Gameplay Modes”, the studio added. “My top idea for a new mode is the Endless Mode idea we wanted to do before.”

Introducing 4 Player co-op in Death Road To Canada would also mean that some features such as preventing player 2 to lose control immediately if player 1 dies, work into co-op requests to improve room transitions for player 2, and more. At the moment, the game only features splitscreen for two players, but each can use two characters at the same time.

Make sure to visit the official site for more information and don’t forget to follow the devs on Twitter. Death Road To Canada is already available on Steam and both Android and iOS devices.

By Diego Nicolás Argüello

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