Crossing Souls: meet the story behind the devs in ‘Behind the Schemes’

“This is our last chance.”

Fourattic, the studio behind the upcoming nostalgic adventure called Crossing Souls have released a detailed video showcasing a behind the scenes video on their work alongside Devolver Digital, their publisher.

This is our last chance“, said Juan Diego Vázquez, programmer and game designer at Fourattic, after explaining their rough year before starting developing their later project. Before that, they worked on a quiz mobile game that wasn’t successful enough to cover the bills.

When they started to show their big game to the public, Jordi from Deconstructeam, studio behind Gods Will Be Watching and the recent The Red Strings Club, reached out and suggested that Devolver Digital might be interested in a partnership with them. On November 2014, thanks to the help of the publisher, they created a Kickstarter campaign that got succesfully funded.

After a group of friends find a magic pink stone that lets them traverse between two different realities, their summer vacations change forever. Tangled between a government conspiracy and tons of bad guys on their way, Crossing Souls is all about mystery, fighting and trying to do what’s right.

This action adventure game is a throwback to the 80’s with a lot of heart. Five different characters join together to spend time in arcades, fight against zombies in a cemetery and constantly referencing to the movies and the memories we love from that time.

Crossing Souls releases on PC and PS4 on February 13th. You can see the exclusive ‘Behind the Schemes’ below, and as always, make sure to bother both Fourattic and Devolver Digital on Twitter.

By Diego Nicolás Argüello

Founder and EIC of Into The Spine. Probably procrastinating on Twitter right now. Talk to him about pinballs, Persona, and The Darkness. @diegoarguello66

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