The Longing Has Ended

400 days.

400 days must pass. Awaken the King; End All Longing.

Awaken The King
Saviour, or Annihilator?
To cure this world of fear and longing may cost an unfathomable price.
Benevolence and cruelty; two sides of the same coin.

Stare Into The Abyss
Shade contemplates their place; role; destiny.
If you are but a tool of obliteration, is it not dignified to become impossible to wield?
There lies the bottomless abyss. The right place for my soul.

To venture out into a place forbidden; who might we meet?
A child easily startled holds the ropes of freedom in the palm of their hand.
Hopeful dream turns to tragic nightmare in an instant.

Blind men are not shaken by what they cannot see.
But this new kingdom requires change to fit in.
Found family requires abandoning all Shade has ever known – including themselves.

Into The Light
Is this magic? Or simply a trick of the mind?
An obsession with hoarding exposes a portal white.
Dreams of becoming king loosen the final threads of reality.

Hall of Eternity
One foot in front of the other.
Aeon’s of forward momentum belie existential horror of an unknowable end.
Only a fool tries to reach the end of eternity.

Choosing Not To Choose
Building a space for oneself takes work – and time.
The clock ticks toward zero; what is the definitive end?
Slightly visible teeth betray a smile; happiness found in solitude, Shade finally rests.

Sleep well, little friend.

By Chris Lawn

When not playing games, Chris enjoys chilling with their Fiancé, cats and dogs. Will probably never stop banging on about how amazing Outer Wilds is. Forever in search of the best Margherita pizza. Chris writes on Latji Latji and Barkindji land. Find them on Twitter @lawnch1

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