Kynseed to Bloom Early Access in November 8th

At last, not that long to go now.

Brought by ex-Lionhead Studios developers, the whimsical age-passing experience of Kynseed will finally be out from the depths of closed beta testing unto Early Access in November 8th. The game is already visible in Steam and GOG stores, and will carry an initial price of $9.99 USD.

It’s been a long time since PixelCount Studios started their Kickstarter campaign, which got funded by almost the double amount from the initial goal. This allowed the studio to continue building the 2D Sandbox RPG (lots of words, I know) of their dreams, following a bit of the essence that made the Fable series so special back in the day. A feeling that is well present with me nowadays every time I remember my adventures through Oakvale… but hey, let’s go back to Kynseed.

In Kynseed, you’ll take care of your own farm, go into adventures with your dog or just go fishing every day. But beware, as there are tales and fables (whoops) about what’s inside the woods, and a supposedly magical seed that can grant you the ability to endure through an eternal legacy, passing your skills onto future generations. There are dozens of NPCs to interact with, of course, who will always remember all your deeds (and pranks).

During the past few months, the game has been available for only a selection of Kickstarter backers, available during a closed beta. There has been a lot of development involved, which you can know in much more detail from PixelCount’s forums, and even a rebranding of sorts around the art style of the game that has been giving it a whole new identity.

Currently, from what our own Carbunkel has gathered, combat is still in early stages but slowly progressing to become something special. Below is a short gif, but please don’t tell the devs we have it.

Matt Allen, one of the devs working on the game, provided some details regarding what’s to come in Early Access: “The phrase ‘first impressions’ comes up a lot in our team chats, so it’s definitely on our minds. But we aren’t expecting a windfall whenever we launch. Rather, our goal is to focus on the long game (no pun intended) where momentum is gained at a gradual pace over a longer period of time,” Allen explains. “There’s a handful of other Early Access games we often look to who we feel have had success with that sort of measured approach. And of course, being unbelievably upfront about the state of things is also crucial (as is having a reasonable starting price). In the end, it’s all about laying solid foundations for us to build atop – both in terms of community foundations and gameplay foundations.”

If you’re interested in keep following Kynseed’s developments don’t miss the announcements board from the site, and make sure to join the Discord channel if that’s your kind of thing. As for me, I’m going to dive into a long nap until the game releases in November 8th.

By Diego Nicolás Argüello

Founder and EIC of Into The Spine. Probably procrastinating on Twitter right now. Talk to him about pinballs, Persona, and The Darkness. @diegoarguello66

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