Bandai Namco released the first trailer of Bless Unleashed, the publisher’s first console MMORPG that’s coming first on 2019 for Xbox One, showcasing the five classes in action, bosses and tons of spells.

Introduced as a free-to-play experience and powered up with Unreal Engine 4, Bless Unleashed will offer both a PVE and PVP experience, five classes to choose from (including a Berserker, the best one).

Watch the first gameplay trailer below:

So far, we’ll be facing a new take on a medieval fantasy setting, featuring your usual mob of skeletons, giants and the joy of taking them down with a party of friends or soon-to-become-friends that you’ll meet on the roads. Per what can be seen in the trailer, combat will reminiscence to the hack & slash genre more than anything, with different combos depending on which class you pick.

Bandai Namco’s MMO will be showcase on Pax West, so we can expect to see new footage going live soon. In the mean time, you can sign up for the beta on the official site.


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