Third Player Games Ep 38: Nintendo Direct, Ninja and Evergarden

August is proving to be a busy month for gaming news.

Third Player Games Podcast is hosted by Jeffers, Amy and Josh. Into The Spine is sharing all episodes from this lovely group, and ocassionaly, we will be doing some random appareances during the show, often as yet another source or topic for them to discuss about.

He’s baaaaack! In this episode of Third Player Games Podcast, Josh and Amy welcome Jeffers back from his short vacation (after shoving the broken china to the back of the cabinets and tossing the empty beer cans into their neighbor’s garbage… party? What party?). Jeffers, glad to see that their figurative house is still standing, gets back to business as usual! This is a news-heavy episode and the gang dives deep into many of the announcements that broke this past week. Nintendo Direct, Ninja controversy, Life is Strange 2, Spyro the Dragon, A Hat in Time, and much more! Top it all off with a review of the new indie game, Evergarden. Thanks for joining us for our 38th episode and on this crazy adventure!

Time Stamps:
3:38 – What We’ve Been Playing
12:35 – News/Nintendo Direct
38:22 – News/Ninja Story
47:57 – What’s That Video Game
57:07 – Evergarden Review
1:11:37 – Message To Our Fans

Credit for the Third Player Games Theme Song goes to the composer, Nevan Dove. Listen to more great tracks from this artist on Youtube and Soundcloud!

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News & Links

Nintendo Direct Indie Highlights

Former God of War Senior Managing Producer for narrative & animation Brian Westergaard Switches sides and joins New Xbox Studio The Initiative

Dishonored Franchise Put On Hold

Dark Souls Remastered for Nintendo Switch

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Release Date

Undertale Collector’s Edition Announced For Nintendo Switch | Pre-orders Available Now

A Hat in Time coming to Switch (There’s no firm date yet — just a “coming soon” promise)

Slay the Spire coming to Switch

THQ Nordic acquires TimeSplitters

Halo: Infinite Is Halo 6, Microsoft Confirms

Red Dead Redemption 2’s Map is The Biggest Rockstar Has Ever Created

Being an ‘asshole’ in Fallout 76 will earn you a bounty paid from your own caps

Valve Accidentally launched its answer to Twitch & YouTube live,

Spyro Reignited Delayed

Life is Strange 2 Official Reveal Trailer

Life is Strange 2 Details Revealed

4 New Colors Join the DualShock 4 Lineup Next Month

Ninja Does An Interview With Polygon, stating he doesn’t stream with female streamers, gets backlash and responds

Jessica Blevins Interview (Ninja’s Wife)

By Diego Nicolás Argüello

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