VA-11 HALL-A Coming to Switch And PS4 Early 2019

Get those drinks ready.

Ysbryd Games and Sukeban Games announced that the cyberpunk bartending adventure VA-11 HALL-A is coming to Switch and PlayStation 4 in Q1 2019. The game has sold over 200,000 copies on Steam, and it’s also available on PlayStation Vita.

Earlier today, the team released a whole new trailer announcing their arrival to more consoles. In there, they have stated that there will be more info “next time”, and even teased about VA-11 HALL-A 2 as a joke. You can see it below:

I have been following the game since quite some time, as it quickly gained a huge audience around it. Developed by a studio in Venezuela, VA-11 HALL-A tells its world’s story through the eyes of a bartender who gets to talk with all kinds of inhabitants. Mixing 24 drinks, every character will be impacted in different ways, telling you more about their lives in Glitch City, run by the mysterious Zaibatsu Corp.

If you ever wondered what it would be like to be in the other side of the bar, talking about transhumanism with a cat-like genetic modifications or an android sex worker, this game is for you. Also, the soundtrack has become a regular on my daily playlist, and you should totally listen to it and support the composer.

“We were inspired by old-school adventure games, and really wanted to create a narrative experience without the pressures of obtaining a particular ending,” said Christoper “Kiririn51” Ortiz, co-founder of Sukeban Games. “Every story you hear is important, and drinks served to even the supporting characters can have tangible impacts on progression through the game.”

VA-11 HALL-A is already available on Steam and PS Vita for $14.99 USD, supporting English, Simplified Chinese and Japanese. Make sure to visit the official site for more information, and don’t forget to follow Ysbryd Games and Sukeban Games on Twitter.

By Diego Nicolás Argüello

Founder and EIC of Into The Spine. Probably procrastinating on Twitter right now. Talk to him about pinballs, Persona, and The Darkness. @diegoarguello66

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