Diego Nicolás Argüello (He/Him) – Editor in Chief and Founder

Learned English thanks to video games. Frustrated bassist. Probably procrastinating on Twitter right now. Tell him to take a break @diegoarguello66

Axel Bosso (He/Him) – Editor

Latino. Almost a psychologist. Shameless Yakuza lover. Likely to remind you that objective reviews don’t exist. @Axl_Bosso

Molly Bloch (She/Her) – Editor

Violet is a hapless arts journalist and narrative designer. Her work emphasizes storytelling and confessionalism, and it often deals with ideology, identity, and queer sexuality. You can find her tweeting about stars, cats, and girls @guroflower, and you can read all of her least timely hot takes in her newsletter astronautics.

Stacey Henley (She/Her) – Editor

Stacey can often be found wandering new lands, exploring vast terrains, or journeying to the edge of the Earth, but only in video games. In real life, she normally stays home, often found tweeting @FiveTacey.

Khee Hoon (They/Them) – Editor

Khee Hoon is a freelance writer and copywriter from Singapore. They daydream about being a professional Street Fighter player. Ask them about the weather at @crapstacular.

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