Looking for some spoken words? You’ve come to the right place! Check out some podcasts made by our favorite Into the Spine writers and their friends!

Normandy FM

The Normandy FM podcast is run by Eric and Kenneth, and is a retrospective of the Mass Effect series. Normandy FM takes a deep dive into the characters and decisions of this epic BioWare series. They also regularly have awesome guest hosts come on and talk about their favorite moments of the series, so be sure to listen in!

Normandy FM updates weekly on Wednesday. To listen to their latest episode, check out their Soundcloud page!


Also, if you enjoy Normandy FM and want to see Kenneth and Eric continue with other podcasts, be sure to support them on Patreon.

Switch Focus Podcast

The Switch Focus podcast is run by Andy, Ginny, and Andrew as they have a weekly chat about the happening of the Nintendo Switch! Give it a listen if you want to hear the latest on the console.

Switch Focus Podcast updates weekly, generally on Sunday. However, occasionally the episodes update on Monday instead. Time zones, am I right? You can listen to their latest episode on the Switch Focus Podcast website.

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